A Special Message from the Chairperson

Dear John, Beckenham Festival Players 2017, and the whole BGS,

I want to congratulate you all on a wonderful performance at the Beckenham Festival on 19th November 2017. For a change I did not play but got to be in the audience. I thought the performance was very polished and confident and that it perfectly showcased all of the work that had gone into it. You made a big impression, not just on me and others in the audience but clearly to the adjudicator who was very complimentary in his feedback. You should all be very proud!

I am well aware of how nerves can get the better of one even with the most meticulous practice having gone before, so you deserve praise for your poise on the day and your skilled ensemble playing. The sound and the musicality were excellent and showed your love of the music and playing together. A thousand thanks as always to John Mann for his hard work, dedication, and great musical guidance and conducting – John, we are so lucky to have you!

I look forward to many more great performances and fun meetings and activities with the BGS.

All the best,

(Hope to see you all on Saturday 2nd December for our last meeting of the year)

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