BGS Meeting 18th November 2023

Eleven members of the society met tonight and played together: -

  • Spanish Dance No.5 Granados
  • Flower Duet from Lakma Delibes
  • Lute Concerto in D, second movement Vivaldi

Cornelius led the ensemble slowly through each piece, ironing out sticky patches before putting the whole back together.

In the break, Kate kindly provided refreshments, after which we were treated to pieces played by -

Cornelius and Marion Acordai Doncela (arr. Yvon Rivoal)
Derek Gypsy Violin (Peter Nuttall)
Eduardo Samba de Saudae (Eduardo Gonzalez)
 One One Go (Eduardo Gonzalez)
Cornelius Sons de Carrilhoes (Sons de Carrilhoes)

The evening ended with work on Un Dia de Noviembre by Leo Brouwer. This proved tricky, with players on each part needing to count carefully, observe the rit. , the repeats, and the 2/4 bar. We gradually began to get the ‘feel’ for the music and were able to play right through with most ending up together on the final bar!

We would love to welcome you to our session on Saturday 16th December, the last session of 2023 .

Make a resolution to meet us in the New Year. Our 2024 meetings are on the third Saturday of each month, starting with January 20th, February 17th, March 16th.

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