June Meeting 2012

Your correspondent wasn't available so I have to rely on the recollections of our chairman.

Fortunately he was sober when he sent them to me.

The June meeting was well-attended and the first part was given over to our final rehearsal of the FGS Day pieces. As always, Rob Sellery, John Mann and Ray Butcher displayed their leadership skills, so we should acquit ourselves quite creditably on FGS Day. I was reminded that we will be expected to play as an ensemble at The Beckenham Festival in November and that these might be our choice of pieces again.

After the coffee break, when we not only enjoyed Trevor’s excellent brew ( I assume we mean coffee -Editor) but also some very tasty home-made confections from Larisa, there were five individual performances, all of which were of a high standard. Among the performers was Ash Blasse, who hadn’t visited BGS for well over a year as he has been studying Music at university. He is seeking a Performer’s Diploma, so we were all pretty knocked out by his playing!! We hope that he will resume his membership and attend regularly.
  • Marion Davies played “Swallows” by David Cottam.
  • Dave Hampton played Prelude No: 1 by Villa-Lobos.
  • Ash Blasse played “Asturias” by Albeniz.
  • Paul Yates played “Bonza’s Blues” by William Baulch.
  • Tessa Protheroe played a Mazurka Choros by Villa Lobos.
The rest of the evening was taken up with the three South American Trios provided by David Wheeler.

Ray Butcher took us through these and we enjoyed playing them.


Tessa Protheroe has asked us to support the guitar section of The Maidstone Music Festival in November, where Gary Ryan will be adjudicating. I have asked Tessa to provide details of this festival for inclusion on the Blogsite.

(See below- Editor)

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