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The web is a brilliant place for finding resources to help improve your playing and repertoire. For someone like myself who still experience difficulties in translating sheet music to fret positions, there is a great little site called Classical Guitar Tablature 2007.

The site contains over 950 tabs in plain text format. There is a downloadable zip file for all the tabs on the site. Some of the tabs have accompanying midi files to provide audio reinforcement. Be warned though that some of the tabs have been recreated from some midi files and may not be quite so accurate. (Forget about the flamenco midi's- they sound ridiculous). The site works best when you also have a copy of the sheet music for the particular piece.

The purists may object and that's their prerogative. However I found the site was very useful. I managed to get a handle on some of the more challenging pieces of guitar such as the Sakura variations and Turina's Fandanguillo thanks to the site. Plus there is a nice range of Dowland pieces.

Other sites worth checking include

Check it out for yourselves

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