October 17th Meeting

Despite the competition from the England South Africa World Cup Final, the meeting was well attended with members scoring successful performance ‘tries’.

An excellent, and at times hilarious, ensemble session with Ray Butcher. The banter and ripostes are getting better all the time. This ran from 6.40 to 7.45 and a further excellent session from 8.30 to 9.15, when the meeting ended. For those members who watched the Rugby instead , click on the links below to hear what you missed!

The individual items were:

Stephen Dowdell and Den played "Morenita Do Brazil" by Giuseppe Farrauto.

*Jenny Wormald played "Etude no:8, Entree Maestro" by Gerald Garcia and "Pamplona" by Vincent Lindsey-Clark.

Wendy Ward played her debut number "Waltz in Homage to Antonio Lauro" by Vincent Lindsey-Clark.

Tom Rimmer played "Minuet" by Santiago De Murcia and "Pavane" by Luis Milan.

Andrew Ferrier played " The Lost Grail " by Gareth Koch and a traditional arrangement of the Scottish Folk song ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’

Carol and Steven played "Piazza Vittorio" by Maschado.

The Ensemble provided a stirring rendition of 'Ashokan farewell' and "Alma Mater " guided by Maestro Butcher!
*Update: Apologies to Jenny Wormald for the non inclusion of her piece. This was entirely due to my incompetence with the podcasting software. Will fix this before the next meeting


  1. I was very impressed by Stephen Dowdell & Denis Stockton's musical talents. Having only ever heard my husband strum along to Rock music, this made for a very pleasant change. Many thanks

    Mrs Dowdell

  2. some nice sound files - a great addition to the site!