Bromley Guitar Events 2007-2008

My apologies. In the November Newsletter I forgot to include the visit from the Widmore Ensemble for March 2008. As you can see, it has been updated below

15h December 2007 Christmas Party
Members are urged to bring along any Christmas Music, carols for performance. Visit the blog site for more information.
Update!! Update!!! Update!!
I have been reminded to ask that members attending please bring along a plate of food and something to drink for the evening? And if any one wants to organise a quiz, please let me know!!

19th January 2008
Ensemble and Solo pieces

16th February 2008
Ensemble and Solo Pieces

15th March 2008
Widmore Ensemble and Solo Pieces

19th April 2008
Wealden Ensemble visit and performance

17th May 2008
Enfield Ensemble visit

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