Christmas Party !

Well it was a small but intrepid bunch that met up for the 2007 BGS Christmas Party. While the numbers were down, the enthusiasm was nevertheless high with some great solo performances followed by a rousing festive ensemble of Christmas carols prepared and led by our very own Christmas Cracker- Denis Stockton!

This was followed by a traditional British pastime (at least for this Aussie)- the famous Quiz! And like all great Christmas Crackers, Denis had a few surprises stored away. He prepared a brilliant quiz which challenged the brain cells (which weren't helped by a few tins of Kronenburg). Jenny Wormald took the honours at the end, although I must confess to not doing as badly as I thought. For those of you who missed out the quiz is partially reproduced below. Give it a try and see if you can do better! Fortunately for you you can call a friend!!

Pick the correct answer

  1. Andres Segovia was born in (Madrid, Linares, Granada, Jaen)

  2. John Williams was born n (Hampstead, Sydney, Belize, Melbourne)

  3. Julian Bream was born in (Swindon, Chippenham, Battersea, Reading)

  4. Paco Pena was born in (Seville, Granada,Cordoba,Cadiz)

  5. Xufei Yang was born in (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan)

True of False

  1. JS Bach married twice and fathered twenty children.

  2. JS Bach and handel were both born in 1685, only 50 miles apart.

  3. JS Bach and Handel never met each other

  4. Handel's greatest patron was George the first of England

  5. The percussionist, Evelyn Glennie, is totally deaf.

  6. The composer, Joaquuin Rodrigo, was totally blind.

  7. Gary Ryan, at 27, was the youngest ever Guitar Professor at the RCM.

  8. Carulli was the most prolific of the 19th century guitar composers.

  9. Chopin, Villa-Lobos and Sor are all buried in Paris.

  10. Django Reinhardt was a great Jazz Guitarist.

  11. Stephane Grapelli played rhythm guitar in Django's jazz group.

  12. Domenico Scarlatti was the son of Allesandro Scarlatti.

  13. Both Scarlattis were born and died in their native Naples.

  14. The pianoforte was originally called the fortepiano.

Leave your entries in the blog response area. First prize is a packet of mince pies! Second Prize is two packets of mince pies!

On behalf of the BGS Steering Committee, I hope all members have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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