Wealden Guitar Society Performance

Well folks tonight we had a real music feast cooked up for us by the Wealden Guitar Society courtesy of head chef, Ray Love. (And he was much more restrained in his language than Gordon Ramsay!!) For those of you who missed the meeting you can download your portions by clicking the links. (The files are mp3 files - suggest that you download Quicktime or Itunes for best results)
BGS Starters

Like all good hosts, we thought we'd better provide our own starters prior to the main meal. Ray Butcher did a great job in leading the BGS members for a quick practice with a new piece in preparation for a battle of the sounds with the Enfield Society at the May Meeting. We had a very quick solo spot this evening with a medley of melodies from Len Ivell who had us 'begining the beguine' and then marching down to the Sunny Side of the street.

The next piece was a Pavan by Weiss, expertly delivered by Dave Hampton. We were now thoroughly ready for the main course which arrived promptly at 8pm!. The menu is reproduced below!

Wealden Guitar Society Music Menu

a delicious treat prepared and delivered by Tom, David, Liz and Ray

a tasty number prepared by Chris (and nothing was burnt!!)

based on the Thomas Morley recipe cooked and and presented superbly by Tom, Diana and David

prepared and served by David Liz and Ray (based on Gershwin's recipe)

a taste of South America from David, Tom, Liz and Ray

Prelude 3 (Villa Lobos) with a side dish from Sergio Assad's recipe book

prepared and served with panache from Miles Roberts

arranged by Ray Love and served by Ray, Val and Charlie

Pavan from Ravel's recipe book

A tasty little French dish prepared by David and Tom

arranged by Ray Love and served by Val and Ray

arranged, and served by Colin

prepared by Tom, Liz and Ray

A tasty dessert served by Shalom, Eileen, Val and Charlie

Needless to say it was a great evening of entertainment and special thanks goes to Ray Love and the Wealden Society for preparing such a tasty musical menu. Michelin stars all round!!

While the Wealden Society catered for our musical appetites, a special mention should go to Trevor Pike for organising and providing the actual refreshments for everyone. Thanks again Trevor!!

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