Enfield Guitar Society at Bromley

Following hot on the heels of the Wealden GS visit, was an exciting and spirited program put together by Alan Gully and Ray Butcher from the Enfield Classical Guitar Society.

The photo below was included on the program with the words 'Enfield Classical Guitar Society play at Bromley' which was true enough. If you look carefully you can see the BGS Executive Committee occupying the front seats, listening intently!!! We even arranged a wheel chair for our Chairman!!

Under the direction of Alan Gully, the ECGS prepared a very modern program which included the following pieces
Music files are saved as mp3 files and should work with your browser program. If not I suggest that you download the latest version of Quicktime. The program used in recording the sound files is called Audacity and it is open sourced software (free).
The ECGS then invited the Bromley Guitar members to join them in performing the premiere of Alan Gully's composition 'Cloudy Bay'. It was at this point that your correspondent discovered that one cannot play the guitar and record music tracks at the same time...the first take didn't work and we had to re-record the Cloudy Bay piece again!! Considering the very little time we had in preparing for the performance, it was a cracking result.
Because of the concert and the ensemble work there wasn't much time for solos. Actually I think the second rendition of 'Cloudy Bay took away a bit of our energy. Which is why that we were so glad that young Tommy Page stepped up to the podium and delivered a great performance of Etude No 4 by Villa Lobos.
It was a terrific evening full of music and laughter. On behalf of the BGS I would like to take the opportunity of thanking Alan and the members of the Enfield CGS for a great night. Alan did a brilliant job in leading a rather large orchestra with patience and humour.
I would also like to thank Ray Butcher as well. Prior to the Enfield visit, Ray had done ( and still does) a lot of hard work in leading the BGS ensemble program and it is appreciated. On a personal note, Ray has also assisted me in getting together links and contacts which have contributed so much to the development of the blog site.

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