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Liz Kenny's playing on the BBC's 'Supersizers go . . . Elizabethan' on Tuesday night prompted a remark from the normally cynical Sue Perkins that 'the lute is genius!' which can't do any harm. You can catch the programme via the BBC iplayer I believe, if you missed it.


Today's Radio 4 In our time programme is on the music of the spheres - repeated again tonight on Radio 4, and available for the next week via the listen again feature of the website.

Dear early music fan,
I am writing to tell you about three forthcoming concerts promoted by Loki Music.

The first will take place this week in The Lovekyn Chapel, London Road [opposite Kingston Grammar School], Kingston on Thursday 19th. June. The music comes from 18th.-century France - a world beautifully evoked by the film 'Tous les matins du monde' - and will be performed on two sonorous bass viols [played by Alison Crum and Mary Pells] and accompanied by Theorbo [a bass lute, played by Roy Marks]. Composers featured will include Marais, Couperin and St Colombe.

The second falls on Wednesday 9th. July in St John the Divine Church, Kew Road, Richmond [near the railway station] and will feature The Loki Consort performing songs, airs, ballads and poetry from the Elizabethan court, using a mixture of instruments with voice. The programme - 'Care, Charming Sleep' - recently gained a very favourable reception in The Dulwich Festival, and the ensemble is now involved in working with dancers and educationalists.

The third will take place on Friday 18th. July in St John the Divine, and will feature the engaging trio Pantagruel performing English and Scottish 17th.-century songs and airs at the start of their English tour. These German-based musicians will shortly be recording this programme - Ladie Louthian's Lilt' - for Naxos Records.

All three concerts will start at 7.45pm. Tickets will cost #8; #6 [concessions] or nothing [children aged 16 or under] and refreshments will be served.

A general aim within Loki Music concerts is to restore the friendliness, sense of involvement and debate to early music which occurs in other areas of musical and cultural life. To this end, musicians will introduce themselves, their instruments and the music and will converse with the audience when appropriate; detailed programme notes, reviews and articles of interest will be available online or through our newsletter; and the overall programming will include students, children and a wide range of historically- informed music.

Please pass on this e-mail to anyone who may be interested, and contact me for any enquiries. Please also contact us if your details have changed.

Finally, please let me know if this information is not of interest to you and I will remove your details from the mailing list immediately.

With best wishes,
William Summers.

Finchcocks Midsummer Concert-Sunday 22nd of June at 7pm
Robin Jeffrey (lute,theorbo), Sharon Lindo (violin)and Alessandra Testai(soprano) , briefly joined by Richard Burnett (pianoforte)

Italian music: Castello,Marini, Monteverdi, Legrenzi,Gabrielli, Spighi, Cestiand a sprinkling of Bellini, Donizetti and Tosti.
Ticket £12.50, and it entitles you to free entry to the museum and the demonstration of early keyboards between 2-6pm. Come early and enjoy your picnic, or you can buy one there for an early supper.
for bookings and enquiries:
tel. 01580 211702

all best wishes

Alessandra Testai

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