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They are a pretty busy bunch at the Lute Society judging from the latest news below

The September 13th meeting of The Lute Society will be held at The Dutch Church, Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HA, which is near Bank underground station and Liverpool Street Station - in the heart of the City of London and easy to get through on public transport. The website is and a map showing the location was printed in the last issue of Lute News..

There is no need to book; just turn up. The day is free; tickets for the concert are on sale just before the concert begins.

The sessions on typesetting lute music on your computer are long since overdue, many would say, while for the Luddites among us there will be a goodly amount of live music, and a talk by Paula Chateauneuf on a very important hitherto-unknown manuscript which recently changed hands at Sothebys.

The timetable for the day is as follows:

10.30 Coffee
11.00 Typesetting lute music on your computer, a seminar organised by Gordon Gregory with speakers to demonstrate typsetting packages: part 1: John Robinson on Wayne Tab, Martin Shepherd on Fronimo, Stewart McCoy on Django.
12.15 Composition contest: judging of entries by public acclaim, peformed by Katalin Ertsey
12.30 Mini-recital by Elena Cicinskaite, playing music by Milan, Narvaez, Dowland and Ferrabosco.

1.00 Break for lunch
2.15 Typesetting lute music on your computer - part 2: Anna Langley on Abc Tab, Sarah Hill on Sibelius, and discussion and questions about future developments, led by Tim Crawford and Gordon Gregory.
3.30 Pre-concert talk, by Paula Chateauneuf, to include her observations on a hitherto unknown manuscript of Roman origin c 1620 containing 85 motets, arias, duets, and choruses with accompaniments, two of which are for ‘chitarrone’ (archlute?), and instrumental toccatas for some of the motets which include tablature for the 'chitarrone' and lira da braccio. This rare example of a musician's working notebook includes extraordinary practical information on ornamentation and basso continuo performance; also: the madrigale passaggiato and Kapsberger’s setting of Ancidetemi pur, the Passaggi diversi sú le note per sonare sopra la parte from Kapsberger's 'Intavolatura di chitarrone, libro terzo'; and some Roman singers and singing traditions. - supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

4.00 Tea
4.30 The Lute Society recital: Fiori musicali romani - Paula Chateauneuf, theorbo and archlute, and Mark Tucker, tenor, perform pieces by Caccini, Peri, Frescobaldi, Domenico Mazzocchi, Luigi Rossi, and Kapsberger..

Thanks to Chris Goodwin
Secretary Lute Society

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