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As a keen member of the Bromley Guitar Society, I do spread my affections around, particularly where Lute is concerned (as visitors to this site will no doubt agree). Apart from my rather wonderful Lorca Guitar, I also play a hybrid called the Guitar Lute which provides me with an almost authentic link to the golden age of renaissance music and a great deal of playing pleasure without the cost in purchase and change in playing style. Whether it provides listening pleasure to anyone else is somewhat debatable..

However, like Sting, I do love the Lute (and would love to buy one, although getting such a request past my nearest and dearest would take some effort). And it is terrific to see that modern composers are recognising what a beautiful instrument it is, both to look at and to listen.

Which is why I recommend a visit to the ABC Classic FM Lute Project Link. ABC Classic FM is the Aussie version of Radio BBC2 and it has a fine inventive selection of music styles and genres. (In fact in some ways I think it is better than Radio BBC 2 but as an Aussie expat, I am biased.)

By visiting this link you will see master lutenist Tommie Andersson performing new compositions by Michael Atherton, Rosalind Page, Damien Ricketson and Elena Kats-Chernin at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre in Penrith as part of the 2008 Aurora Festival.

Here is Tommie playing Michael Atherton's piece RunSted:And Varin Said.

Just love it!!

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