BGS Meeting 20th September 2008

Ahh! The joys of an Indian Summer!! Oh to be in England! Well at least at St Marks Church in Bromley on a Saturday night at 6pm wondering if anyone was going to turn up....

But I wasn't disappointed!! Another great evening of plucking and strumming took place with larger than usual turnout from all members. Our regular Chairman, Denis Stockton is taking a well earned holiday in somewhere between the UK and Spain where he is no doubt enjoying a Sangria and the odd flamenco tablao.
Actually our intrepid chairman was in Italy as it turns out!!! Oh's close to Spain I suppose..)

Which left your correspondent, ably assisted by Becky Clifford, with the task of 'leading' the nights pluck 'n strum' festivities. So it was with great relief on the part of us both, and the other members that our Miscellaneous Musical Maestro, Ray Butcher, arrived to lead the ensemble part of the evening. (If it was left to Becky and I to lead it , it would have been a very short meeting!!).

And in keeping with Ray's avuncular style, he provided us with some wonderful pieces, leading us into some uncharted waters. (especially for your correspondent- I was particularly shattered when he made me drop a section I had been practising for WEEKS and take up a different part on the Rossini piece!) But as usual he led us back to safe waters, leading to a wonderful evening with a lot of laughter.

The evenings solo spot saw some great efforts from the members, (despite the best efforts of Bromley's Boys in Blue). Pieces performed included

  • Variations on 1 string (Written and performed by Steve!!!)
  • Hits from the 50's (performed by Len Ivell)
  • Waltz by Manuel Jose Ferrer (performed by Marion)
  • Aria by Brescianlello (performed by Jenny)
  • A Day in November by Leo Brouwer (performed by Stephen)
  • Gavotte by Villa Lobos (performed by Trevor)
  • Prelude by Curnow(???) (performed by Tom)
  • Concerto by Diesel (duet performed by Rick and Tom)
  • Bach and Friends - (performed by Miles)

Click here to listen to the performances. Vince Chittenden, our BGS unofficial sound engineeer tells me that Stephen Pearson wins the award for the greatest number of police sirens in a performance!! He also tells me that in his opinion, Variations on the String 1 is one of the greatest highlights of the evening!!
I should also like to thank Vince for preparing and rendering the sound files for our blog.

Special thanks again to Ray Butcher for his efforts in leading the ensemble session and to Trevor Pike for organisation of the catering.

Lots of exciting things will be happening over the next six months at the BGS. Apart from next months Amanda Cooks Concert (Bookings are open!!) we are fortunate to have Gary Ryan conducting a Master Class for member sin January plus two student recitals from his final year students. So make sure that you have reserved the third Saturday for the BGS for the next few months.

Calendar 2008-2009

  • October : Amanda Cook Concert
  • November : Members Evening (Ensemble and Solos)
  • December: Christmas Party
  • January: Gary Ryan Master Class
  • February Members Evening (Ensemble and Solos)
  • March: Widmore Visit (TBC)
  • April: Student Recital plus Ensemble)
  • May : Wealden Society
  • June: Student Recital plus Ensemble

The meeting finished at 9:30 and I can only hope that I covered all bases in locking up the Church when we left. Come back soon Denis.......

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