Performer Spotlight: Andy McKee

Visitors to this blog and other sites associated with this blog will no doubt agree that the BGS has a strong interest and commitment to the promotion of the Classical Guitar as the musical instrument of first choice.

However there are a number of other genres of guitar performance which equally deserve to be celebrated and enjoyed. For instance, performers associated with the folk/ new age genre such as John Renbourne have a style that is unique and a joy to listen. But would performers from the John Renbourne school get a ‘guernsey’ at any of the local music festivals? Probably not and that's a pity because I think there is a lot to be learned from their style and performance.

Recently my daughter sent me a CD of music written and performed by Don Ross and Andy McKee. (The thing that came from somewhere). And it is absolutely excellent for the quality of the performance and for the way performers such as Andy McKee really ‘push the envelope’ in style and performance. As seen below

Most of us here at the BGS travel along the Classical Guitar Highway but there are times where it's good to turn off and explore new territories of guitar music styles. In making these departures, I learn a lot more about the guitar and performance technique.

And as much as I enjoy Classical Guitar, I wish...really, really, REALLY wish that I could play like Andy McKee!!
Leave you with Andy's performance of Rylynn. What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment..

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