BGS Meeting 15th November

Another great turn out tonight at St Marks in Bromley. It was great to have Dennis back in charge of the proceedings!

We had a great evening of ensemble practice, working on Mr Witt's Suite in G, ably led by our concert master Ray Butcher, who battled flu and traffic to join us. Fortunately for us, Mr Witt has been dead since 1716, so he was in no position to comment or judge our performance. However, as it was our first attempt, I thought he would be pleased. Or he may be turning in his grave- well either way he would be getting some exercise!

At least,we have plenty of time to get it right before the Federation Of Guitar Society Meeting hosted by Enfield next year.

(The dates and information about this event will be posted on the blog so watch this space...)

As usual, we had some time for some terrific solo performances as outlined below:

  • Wisteria (David Cotton) performed by Jenny Wormald
  • Cavatina (Stanley Myers) and Etude 1 (Villa Lobos) performed by Dave Hampton
  • Allemande (Bach) performed by Tom Paige
  • Folk Tune' My Love is like a Red Rose' performed by Trevor Pike
  • Bouree in E minor (Bach) and Guardarme Las Vacas (Naravaez) performed by Mike Gerrard

And a couple of flamenco pieces -Auralami (Bernabe de Moron) and a brave stab at a Bulerias (Broken Bulerias) which outrageously 'borrowed ' tocques from Juan Martin, Paco De Lucia and Paco Pena -performed by your humble correspondent!!

Sound files will be updated on the site when Vince Chittenden has worked his magic with his sound recording pixies! For which, he has our thanks.

Update: Sound files have been added-Click here to listen..

And a special thanks as always to Trevor Pike for catering organisation and to Ray for organising and leading the ensemble!

Another evening of lost chords, laughter and I learned that 'writs'(??? hope I have the spelling right) are more than just legal terms...

News about the Christmas meeting will appear on the blog site with Shirley taking up the reins in my absence as I will be heading back to Australia for a few weeks.

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