Performer Spotlight: Sharon Wayne

Learning about an accomplished and talented performer like Sharon Wayne was a journey in itself.

It first started when I was doing a search on Youtube for performances of Bogdanovich's 'Mysterious Habitats ' after listening to Amanda Cook's rendition of this piece at the BGS concert in October. (And I can say that after listening and watching other guitarists' performing this wonderful piece, Amanda's is still the best version I have heard to date. Amanda, if you read this entry, this blog site would welcome an mp3 track of your rendition.....)

But I digress...

After purchasing the sheet music for 'Mysterious Habitats' I learned that Bogdanovich had dedicated this piece to Sharon who studied and performed with him. This, indeed, was a lady worth getting to know!
Another search on Youtube came up with this video below where she is playing one of Bogdanovich's Jazz Sonata. And what a performance it is..

Her web site gives a brief outline of her music career which includes performances of works by Carlo Domeniconi and Eita Steinberg. She is currently Artistic Director at the Boston Classical Guitar Society with a formidable range of music concerts and recordings. The site doesn't provide much information beyond 2003 which is a shame. Still the world has enough web developers- talented artists like Sharon are much more rarer!!
What do you think? Has anyone out there heard of Sharon Wayne? Or been to any concerts she has presented?
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