Gary Ryan Master Class in January

As you are no doubt aware we have a very exciting program taking place in January with the Master Class program run by Gary Ryan.

This event is going to be a little different to previous meetings in that we need to have a firm program in place prior to the session.

The Master Class will be offered to six participants (in twenty minute sessions). We hope to offer a program that ranges broadly from introductory to advanced.

It would assist us greatly in making the evening a success if we could receive prior notification of your intent to participate. Therefore could you please assist us by b completing the form below and posting it back to the address marked above by January 10th ? (Or you can send an email)

Applications will be taken in order that they are received so the sooner you post your reply the greater the chance that you or your student will be able to participate. Please note that participants wil be required to bring along a copy of the sheet music for their performance.

Admission to the Masterclass evening is free for all BGS members. Non Members will be charged an admission of £3.00 (unless they take out membership on the evening)
Successful participants will be listed on the BGS Blog Site

Click here for a copy of the application.

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