Meeting Saturday 21st 2009

Close to a capacity turn out from all members at Saturday's pluck 'n strum' which was terrific!

Under the gentle tutelage of Ray 'the Special One' Butcher (apologies to Jose Mourinho) we managed a spirited rendition of Mr George Witt's Entree, Menuet, Bouree (and just about got away with the Sarabande). Well at least he is not rotating so much in his grave as previously!! (George that is, not Ray I hasten to add!!)

After being refreshed with a coffee and a biscuit (courtesy from our quartermaster Trevor Pike) we had a full solo program that kept Vince and myself quite busy. The program included

Vince Chittenden has organised his sound pixies to digitise these performances. Click on the links to listen.
Poor Denis had to leave halfway through the session (and no it wasn't our playing that drove him away.) He had been in a considerable amount of pain at the beginning of the evening but he bravely soldiered on and I know I speak for all of us when we wish him a speedy recovery.

Thanks again to Ray for the ensemble organisation and to Trevor for the refreshments.

Please note that the next meeting on March 21st will see us hosting a visit from Paul Brown's Widmore Consort. They will be performing at 6:30pm sharp so you will need to get there early. There will still be time for ensemble practice and solo performances later on in the evening.

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