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Lute exhibition, Hackney, 4th-5th April

Playing day in Cambridge - this will take place on 30th May - details to followLute society residential weekend - will take place at Royal Agricultural College, Circencester, 12-13th December, details and booking forms will be sent out mid-2009 And some forthcoming concerts:


There follows details of an enlarged series of early music concerts in Kingston running between February and June. Some take place on Thursdays and a couple on Wednesdays; all except one will be held in the charming Lovekyn Chapel - Kingston's oldest building. I have also included information about a separate series of talks in the chapel organised by its owners - Kingston Grammar School - to celebrate the 700th. anniversary of the chapel's founding.

Please pass on this information to anyone you think it may interest. Please direct any enquiries, requests for clarification, complaints about 'typos' and so on to me.

Best wishes,
William Summers.

Thursday 19th. February 2009;

7.30PM in The Lovekyn Chapel [Kingston Grammar School], opposite main school building, London Road, Kingston upon Thames KT2 6PY:

'From Purcell to Arne - Songs and Sonatas from the 18th.-century London Stage' performed by My Lady's Chamber: Emily Atkinson - Soprano; Andrew Pickett - Countertenor; Annette Rhodes - Recorder, Director; Hannah Monaghan - Baroque Violoncello; Masumi Yamamoto - Harpsichord.

Tickets: £8, £6 [concessions] and £0 [aged 16 and under].

Enquiries and advance booking: 020.8941.4917.

Thursday 12th. March,

8PM in The Lovekyn Chapel:
'Patrons, nations and sirens' - a French view of 18th.-century elegance including music by Rameau, Couperin and their contemporaries - performed by The Loki Consort: William Summers - Baroque Flute, Recorder; Ben Sansom - Baroque Violin; YEO Yat-Soon - Harpsichord.

Tickets: £8, £6 [concessions] and £0 [aged 16 and under].
Enquiries and advance booking: 020.8941.4917.

WEDNESDAY 18th. March,

8PM, The Studio, THE ROSE THEATRE, 24 - 26 High Street, Kingston upon Thames KT1 1HL.
'Anarchy in the Middle Ages' - a discussion led by Tom Hodgkinson, with music provided by Princes in the Tower: Michael Tyack - Voice, Cittern; William Summers - Woodwind; Antony Elvin - Percussion, Voice.

Tickets: £6 in person or from 0871.230.1552 with booking fee.

Wednesday 29th. April, 7.30PM,
The Lovekyn Chapel:
'Music, Mead and Merriment'.
From elegaic songs in Middle English to pre-restoration balladry via madrigalian conceits: The Loki Consort leads a gentle stroll through music history.
Christopher Goodwin - Voice, Lute; Michael Tyack - Cittern, Lute; Stephen Carpenter - Lute, Guitar; William Summers - Woodwind.
Tickets: £10 and £8, enquiries and bookings from 020.8939.8825;

Thursday 21st. May 7.30PM,
The Lovekyn Chapel:
'Cantatas, Sonatas and Songs from 18th.-century France and its admirers' by Boismortier, Corrette and J. S. Bach, performed by A Drop in the Ocean.:
Nina Bennet - Soprano; Lynn Selwood - Baroque Violoncello, Director; John Marston - Harpsichord.
Tickets: £8, £6 [concessions] and £0 aged 16 and under.
Enquiries and advance booking: 020.8941.4917.

Thursday 25th. June 7.30,
The Lovekyn Chapel:
J. S. Bach's organ trios re-arranged; performed by The Sweelinck Ensemble, directed by Martin Knizia.
Tickets: £8, £6 [concessions] and £0 aged 16 and under.
Enquiries and advance booking: 020.8941.4917.

Tickets for 19th. February, 12th. March, 21st. May and 25th. June can be booked in advance - with a reduction in price of £1 per concert booked - by sending a cheque made out to 'Loki Music' with a covering letter to William Summers, c/o Loki Music; 10 Viking Court, Beaver Close, HAMPTON, Middlesex TW12 2BZ.

Concerts may also be interested in the Lovekyn Lectures organised by Kingston Grammar School on Wednesdays 25th. February and 5th. March - further details are available via the following link [click on 'Events']:


You are invited to join us at the School of Oriental and African Studies for the third biennial LONDON FIDDLE CONFERENCE @ SOAS "Bowed String Instruments in Traditional Cultures"

DATE: Friday 20th February (noon) to lunchtime Sunday 22nd February 2009

VENUE: Khalili Theatre, School of Oriental and African Studies [SOAS], Thornhaugh Street, London WC1H 0XG [nearest tube Russell Square]

ADMISSION to the conference is FREE, and is open to all members of the general public.

REGISTRATION: Registration is required. Please e-mail your booking request to

The LONDON FIDDLE CONFERENCE AT SOAS is a biennial event in a rolling programme of research seminars and performance workshops. We cover all aspects of bowed string instruments in popular culture worldwide.


The conference programme starts with a FRIDAY AFTERNOON visit to the Instrument Gallery of the Horniman Museum in South London, guided by museum director Margaret Birley.

Then we return to SOAS for a FRIDAY EVENING CONCERT of fiddle musics from different traditions. That will be followed immediately by an amazing CEILIDH DANCE with musicians from the Cambridge University and SOAS ceilidh bands, and Ilana Cravitz's klezmer group.

The following are the confirmed speakers for this year's conference:

PAUL ANDERSON: Understanding the fiddle style of the Scottish North-East

KATE ARNOLD [SOAS] and SHIRLEY SMART: Making the transition from Western to Arabic violin-playing

JIM BARRETT [University of Glamorgan]: Building for the future, borrowing from the past: a jazz double bass using revived Baroque instrument making technology [tbc]

ELAINE BRADTKE: Sam Bennett (1865-1951): Documentary Evidence of an English Fiddle Player

ED EMERY [SOAS]: Notes on the One-String Fiddle

LOTTIE GREENHOW: The Hardanger Fiddle Tradition

BRENDAN MULKERE [University of Limerick]: Ornamentation in Traditional Irish Music J

OHN OFFORD: Hornpipes in the English tradition [with Pete Cooper of the London Fiddle School]

TADEUSZ RYTWINSKI: The Rebec: the folk fiddle tradition of the Carpathian mountains

DIVAKAR SUBRAMANIAN [University of Glamorgan]: The role of the violin in the South Indian Tamizh film music industry SOHAIB AL-RAJAB: The joza (spike fiddle) in the Iraqi tradition

OZAN TOPRAK: The music of the Turkish Yayli Tambur [accompanied by Cahit Baylav]

Please note that the PAUL ANDERSON and BRENDON MULKERE sessions on Sunday will include practical workshops. Please bring instruments.

The conference will finish at lunchtime on the Sunday, in time for those who wish to travel across to Cecil Sharp House, to take part in the fiddle workshops and evening concert of the annual London Fiddle Convention.

Details of their programme can be found here: Website of Cecil Sharp House event:

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