Performer Spotlight; Driss El maloumi

Some time ago my wife and my family were lucky enough to see Jordi Savall's Hesperion XXI performing in Melbourne. The concert concentrated around Moorish and Sephardic music of Spain in the Middle Ages. Without detracting from fine performance of Hesperion XXI (which I will look at in a later colum), one of the musician's that caught her ear was Morroccan oud performer Driss El maloumi.

Driss El Maloumi was born in was born on May 25th, 1970. His nickname accurately reflects the remarkable dexterity that Driss el Maloumi possesses on his Oriental lute. The Moroccan Berber is considered one of the best composers, innovators and performers of this complex instrument. Maloumi also distinguishes himself by opening the instrument’s traditional repertory to encompass western genres like jazz and baroque music. His passion for books (he has a BA in Arabic literature) also infuses refined and poetic interpretations and instills a dreamy, philosophical quality to his recordings of Sufi music.

Enclosed is an 'eye-opener' of a performance! As much as I love the guitar, the oud (or Arabic Lute)is just as vibrant and as exciting. Especially when performed by a performer like Driss El maloumi. See for yourself..

Pass me a sherbet...

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