BGS Meeting 21st April

Under Ray Butcher's guidance, we seem to be making much better progress on Mr Witt's Sonata...well almost in time for the Federation meeting. The Sarabande, which was proving a challenge, appears to be under control.

However we need to have a commitment from all members to be on deck for the 28th of June. Ray will provide more details about the program, venue and times. We need to BGS members to indicate their intention to attend plus the part they will be playing. Please confirm your attendance by emailing me at

The second part of the evening was devoted to the Student Recital organised by Gary Ryan and presented by his final year students, Manus Noble and Aimee Owen. Manus and Aimee provided an entertaining evening for all members with a program that ranged from traditional favourites from Scarlatti and Villa Lobos to exciting and imaginative compositions by Berkeley, MacCombie and Gary Ryan.

For those members who couldn't make the evening, you missed a great experience. But we have taken pity on you and we can, at least, give you a flavour of what you have missed on our new TV channel (BGSTV). I believe there is a couple of DVD's of the whole concert somewhere around....

Stay tuned for another Student Recital later on in the year..

If you have enjoyed this presentation leave a comment here.

Once more the evening wouldn't be complete without acknowledging and thanking Trevor for attending the catering. As Denis was about to undergo the surgeon's knife, the management of the evening fell down to 'yours truly' assisted by Steve Pearson.

As I write this report, Den has had his operation and it has been a complete success. He is also up and moving about as well, which is great news. (I also believe that he has had a great time sampling drugs and pain killers that would, in normal circumstances, be illegal but we'd better draw a veil over that). We look forward to seeing him at the next meeting doing the odd cartwheel..


Contrary to what is on the Bromley Guitar Society Diary, we won't be hosting a Wealden visit next May. We have, with Ray Love's approval, decided to postpone the Wealden visit for a date after the Federation Meeting (possibly July). Our apologies for any confusion! We will keep you informed..

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