Meeting 18th July

After the Federation event, we thought that things may be rather 'quiet' for this meeting and although we missed out on a few members, there was still a rather solid attendance for the Saturday Pluck'nStrum!

As usual, our intrepid ensemble Grandmaster, Ray Butcher led us through a few pieces including the 'Fruits of Love'(Holborne)..and the less said about that title the better. This was followed by a rather challenging piece by Guiliani. At least, we were spared the De Witt Sonata! Ray also provided a few more films from the Federation Day which will be displayed later on the blog site.

Update: and here it is!!
And while we were spared, you, gentle reader, are not! The car horn accompaniment on the Sarabande added a little bit of extra magic. Click below to listen..

This evening Ray shared the podium with Denis who had us all on a nostalgia trip with a five guitar ensemble arrangement of 'Yesterday' which for, for your correspondent, felt more like "Last Month' in trying to keep up with Guitar part 2!

Things were looking a bit grim in the catering department for a moment but after a quick phone call from Jenny, we managed to track down Trevor who saved the day as usual. Thanks again Trevor!!

Another round of really great solos from members including:

  • Allegretto (Sor) played by Marion

  • Scottish Tune and two Santiago Murcia pieces performed by Tom

  • Marta (Perierra) performed by John

  • Prelude and Cantelena (Levantine Suite by Bogdanovich) murdered by your correspondent

  • Montemajor and Alacaniz (Torroba) and Suite Number 1 by Bach performed by Rob

  • Alba (Hans Haug) and 'Petenera' - Regino Sainz de la Maza - who was a famed concert guitarist and who played 1960's Hernandez y Aguado guitars. The Rodrigo Concierto Aranjuez was dedicated to him.
    'Habanera' - Eduardo Sainz de la Maza. (Thanks for the update Miles!)

No sound files this time unfortunately!

Miles also treated us to a little bit of living history. He was playing a guitar that was originally purchased byEduardo Sainz De La Maza for one of his students over 40 years ago. The guitar is a Hernando y Aguado (1963) and the sound quality was as clear and as vibrant as the day it was made.

Great evening!!

A Few Reminders

BGS Annual General Meeting
Members are reminded about the Bromley AGM set for the 18th August 2009. More information about this will be sent out in the July Newsletter. Be good to see a few more members attending......(a gentle hint folks)

Gary Ryan Master Class.
Gary Ryan will be running another Masterclass for the BGS September meeting. This time there will be a charge of 10 pounds per participant. Once more there will be more information including an application form in the next newsletter for interested members.

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