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Belsize Baroque Orchestra is delighted to invite you to a concert of baroque music featuring the works of Handel, Vivaldi, and Corelli, on October 3rd at St James’ Church, Picadilly.The concert starts at 7.30pm, and details are on our website

The Mercurius Company will be performing on Friday 18th September at the Cadogan Hall in London.

The programme 'Orpheus Britannicus' is a fully staged performance of Purcell's most inspiring music including excerpts of The Indian Queen, Circe and King Arthur amongst others, put into a new dramatic context.

Mercurius Company brings six baroque dancers, ten singers, one actress and ten period instrumentalists together to tell a tale of adventures seeking riches in an unknown land inhabited by exotic, mystical and mythological creatures. Will evil prevail or love conquer all?

7.30pm, Friday 18th September.

The Cadogan Hall ~ Sloane terrace, London, SW1X 9DQ
Tickets: £25, £20, £15 and £10.
Box office: 020 7730 4500
More info: ~
Many thanks in advance,Ricky
Dr Ricardo Barros
/Artistic Director/
Mercurius Company

7th October 2009 07:30 PM

“Laydie Louthians Lilte” – Ballads, Ayres & Dances from 17th century ScotlandPantagruelAnna Maria Wierød –VoyceDominik Schneider - Flutes, Gittern & VoyceMark Wheeler - Lutes, Citterns & Gittern

East Finchley Arts Festival
All Saints Church,
Durham Road,
London N2
Tickets: Nave £15; concs £12; Side Aisles £10; concs £8; under 18s £1

Call 020 8444 9122
For Ticket Booking
  • Over The Mountains
  • Over the Mountains (John Forbes - Cantus Songes & Fancies 1662)
  • Put on your sark on Moneday (Mackalman Cittern Manuscript)
  • The Laydie Louthains Lilte (Robert Edwards Cittern Manuscript)
  • Katrin Oggie (Guthrie Fiddle Manuscript)
  • Blew Ribbern at the bound rod (Skene Mandora Manuscript)
  • Woods, Rocks & MountainsCuappree (Skene Mandora Manuscript)
  • Woods, Rocks & Mountains - Robert Johnson
  • Mary Beatouns Row
  • (Rowallen Lute Manuscript)
  • What then is love? – Thomas Ford
  • Venus & AdonisVenus & Adonis (John Forbes - Cantus Songes & Fancies 1662)
  • La Milanesa (Pierre Phalese - Hortulus Cytharea 1570)
  • A Jigge (Cambridge Lute manuscript Dd.9.33.)
  • Allemande Les Sondatz de Guyse (Rothschild Cittern Manuscript)
  • Will said to his Mommy
  • Will said to his Mammy - Robert Jones
  • Kathreen Oggie (Balcarres Lute Booke)
  • I mett her in the medowe (Skene Mandora Manuscript)
  • Fain would I wed - Thomas Campion
  • Tell me dearest - Robert Johnson


  • Yee Gods of Love The Shoemaker (Guthrie Fiddle Manuscript)
  • A Port (Straloch Lute Manuscript)
  • Lady Louthians Lilt (John Leyden’s Cantus Book)
  • Greene grows the rushes (Guthrie Fiddle Manuscript)
  • Yee Gods of Love (John Forbes Cantus Songes & Fancies 1662)
  • Adernes Lilt (Skene Mandora Manuscript)
  • Then wilt thou goe and leave me heir
  • Its worse nor deathe to pairt withe thee (Robert Edwards Cittern Manuscript)
  • Then wilt thou goe and leave me heir? (John Leyden’s Cantus Book)
  • Love is a labour in vaine (Mackalman Cittern manuscript)
  • Mon pere & ma mere /Vne brunette icy ie voy (Voix de ville)
  • Awake Sweet LoveGallua Tom (Straloch Lute Manuscript)
  • Ladie Ann Gordans Lilt (Rowallen Lute Manuscript)
  • Ladi ly nier mee (Wemyss Lute Manuscript),
  • Awake Sweet Love - John Dowland
  • The Tempest Prince Henries Maske (Skene Mandora Manuscript)
  • Full fathom five (Robert Johnson),
  • Howells delight (Paris Virginal Manuscript Res. 1186)
  • Where the bee sucks (Robert Johnson),
  • Irische Dumpe (Fitzwilliam Virginal Book)

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