Meeting Saturday 21st

What a cracker of an evening...full of surprises for us all!!

We were expecting a rather small turnout as our 'Batman and Robin ensemble leaders ie Ray Butcher and Denis Stockton were pre-occupied with other matters and couldn't attend. Which was a pity as we had a really large turn out of members!! We even managed to drown out the usual Saturday night accompaniment from Bromleys 'Boys in Blue', along with the choral performance in the Church next door (whose members were probably wondering what in God's name was happening in the room next door!!)

Fortunately for us Christina Dabrowa and Miles Roberts took up the cudgels and did an absolute sterling job! We made a pretty bold stab at Mozarts' Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" which was recognisable after a fashion even though we ran out of sheet music parts. Mr Scarlatti's piece was put on hold as we didn't have enough Music parts (Sorry Ray). However the good news is that Shirley has successfully purchased the music on behalf of the BGS and we will be distributing the part to all members ASAP- or at least those with an email account!
After a coffee break it was time for ensembles!!
Performances included
Glissaccatura (William Baulch) performed by Marion Davies

Pavan (Gaspar Sanz) performed by Dave Hampton
Prelude and Allegro (De Murcia) and Le Centaur (David Cottam) performed by Trevor Pike

Dream- (Everly Brothers) performed by Derek Carter

Leccion24 (Jose Ferrer) and Lammas Dance (David Cottam) performed by Jenny Wormald
Berceuse (Brouwer) performed by John Mann
(Rondo (Purcell) duet performed by Carol Whinnom and Georgina

Senhorinha (Guinga Escoba) , Grossiennes (Satie) , Sonata 483 (Scarlatti) and Warriors Harp (Brouwer) performed by Rob Sellery

Catalan Folk Songs -Rossignol ,Plany ,La Nit De Nadal performed by Miles Roberts
Vince's sound pixies were on duty and managed to catch members performances. Click here to listen
Please note that, in some browsers, you may have to wait while the file downloads before it plays. Do not navigate away from the page while the MP3 is downloading.

Or you can right-click on the play buttons and save the file to your own PC for playback later
Special thanks to Christine Dabrowa and Miles Roberts for their assitance with the ensembles. Thanks Vince for the splendid sounds page as well. And to Shirley for organising the purchase of the Scarlatti Sonata on behalf of the BGS. And to Trevor Pike for his support on the refreshment front!!

And so the Christmas...
Afte much discussion we have decided on an informal meeting for the Christmas program on December 12th . We want to encourage all members to bring along and play at least ONE Christmas carol as part of a solo performance, along with some nibblies and some drinks.
Simplicity is the best approach!! See you at the next Meeting

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