Christmas Crackers at the Bromley Guitar Society

Ahh! That time of the year....December and all the joys and stress of dealing with Christmas!!

Fortunately for the BGS Members there was time to escape from the shopping rituals to spend a jolly Saturday evening at St Marks getting right into the Christmas Spirit....amply supported by a great buffet courtesy of the members.

Denis and Christine kicked off the ensembles part of the evening, providing an array of Christmas Carols that in our somewhat less than reverent approach to the festive season. Still any passer by would have faintly recognised our rendering of 'Once in Royal David's City' culminating in a spirited if somewhat awkward rendition of 'Jingle Bells' which appeared to 'shift gears' in speed as the song progressed. All this without any accompaniment from Bromley's constabulary- which might have improved matters... Mind you I couldn't help feeling that Santa's reindeers would have had a bit of a fright!!

After a bit of convivial punishing of the buffet table we were then ready for the 'Christmas Cracker Awards' section of the evening- the SOLOS!!

Starting with Trevor's performance of 'Little Road to Bethlehem' finishing up with his rendition of the old Flanders and Swann favourite, 'In the Bath'. (For the benefit of ladies, children and members of the vice squad, I can assure you all that Trevor was fully clothed during his final number!!)

Other Christmas Crackers Awards went to

Will Punter: Off the Rails

Christine Dabrowa: Walking in the Air (Blake) and Oh Come all ye Faithfull'

Dave Hampton and Tom Rimmer : Choral Prelude Von Himmel Hoch

Rick Frenkel, Tom Rimmer and Ray Butcher: We wish you a Merry Christmas and Deck the Halls

Rob Sellery : Romance Number 1 ( Brunning); Capriccio Arabe (Tarrega) and Bagatelle 3 (Walton)

Tom Page: Choro1 Villa Lobos

Once more Vince has his sound pixies on the job and you will be able to hear the pieces for your selves. Click here to listen

A thoroughly great evening with lots of fun and laughter as it should be!

To compliment the Christmas Season, here is an online card from BGS TV. Please forgive the poor sound quality-the fault lies with my mobile phone not the players!!!

On behalf of the executive I would like to wish all BGS Members, non members and blog visitors a very merry Christmas and a Happy Music Enriched New Year!

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