Mike Edmonds Performance

Apologies for the blanket email, but I wanted to let everyone know about a charity classical guitar album I have recently recorded for a very good friend Mike Edmonds who sadly has pancreatic cancer. It has been a privilege to spend the last few weeks recording with Mike and we are both very proud and delighted with the final classical guitar album called "Milonga" which has just arrived for distribution.

Mike's performance is world class and is even more astounding considering the circumstances in which he recorded his album and his failing health throughout. We hope to raise a lot of money for Cancer Research through sales of the CD (all proceeds will go to this charity) and I hope you will be able to find a few spare minutes to visit Mike's website - http://www.mikeedmondsmusic.com/ and listen to the excerpts of each track we have posted there. All the tracks are stunning pieces of music but if you can't listen to all of them, please try the title track Milonga & Julia Florida (http://www.mikeedmondsmusic.com/listen.html) which are my personal favourites and beautiful guitar compositions. If you like what you hear, I hope you will consider purchasing a copy of the CD through the link on the "Purchase CD" page - http://www.mikeedmondsmusic.com/purchase.html and it will be posted out to you upon receipt of your order. Each CD costs £10 plus P&P and as I say ALL proceeds will go to Cancer Research UK

I would also be grateful if you could let other people know you think might be interested about this charity classical guitar CD, and email them the above links to Mike's website. The album has already started receiving good reviews (see below) and we even received a telephone call from John Williams who had listened to the excerpts on Mike's website and wanted to wish Mike well with the album - I'm sure you'll agree that this just shows what a decent man he is to have called and taken such a personal interest. Classic FM and Classical Guitar Magazine have both requested a copy of Mike's album for review and I'm hopeful we can achieve our target of selling at least 1000 copies of the album this year for such a good cause - by letting others know you could help us achieve this

I do hope you can let your members know about this CD and if you wish to post Mike a comment, there is a guestbook on his website for feedback. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have or discuss multiple CD purchases should you wish to purchase more than one CD

I sincerely hope I haven't upset you by contacting you direct (I got your email address from an online search for classical guitar clubs) and thank you for any support you can give

Kevin Harding
07974 554718 or 01803 299600
Review from Daily Mail Newspaper Group - Herald Express Thursday 25th March 2010

"I visited http://www.mikeedmondsmusic.com/ clicked on the "Listen" link and allowed the exquisite sound of Mike's playing have a remarkably soothing effect on me. This is absolutely extraordinary virtuosity by a man with the dual gifts of technical expertise and expression. As a former guitarist myself, I have no hesitation in hailing Mike Edmonds as a genuine guitar maestro; a world class guitarist who, in any other age, would have been a household name. It beggars belief that "Milonga" is his debut album. But perhaps this is a reflection of the fact that, these days, reality TV reigns supreme, while the truly talented, like Mike Edmonds, just get on with the job of making beautiful, meaningful and enduring music" David Lowe.


  1. Thank you for posting this message on your blog. I was contacted by Denis Stockton as a result who knew Mike from when he was an examiner in your area. It was wonderful to hear from Denis and really appreciated.
    Kevin Harding

  2. Mike was one of the greatest guitarist/teacher that I had the pleasure of having as a teacher and a friend.
    He never did charge me for the lessons that he gave me. He even invited me to house to practice when he was also preparing for his own concerts.
    We will meet most mornings in his house when he was leaving in Chiswick. He will send me to one of his rooms to practice, while he will practice in another room. We will start around 09:00am and finish around midday.
    He even help me to get into Trinity College of music.
    I will never forget the friendship that he showed and the way he encouraged me.
    May he rest in peace, we will meet again in Heaven