News from the Lute Society

Don't forget the Lute Society meeting at the Dutch Church ,7 Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HA, [nearest tubes, Bank, Liverpool Street] this Saturday 8th May.

It will be a day full of musical treats - don't miss it!

We will also have on sale a more or less complete range of French, Spanish, Belgian and Dutch lute society publications.

The timetable is:

10.30 Coffee

11.00 Gestures in lute song, talk and demonstration by Rosemary Carlton-Willis, accompanied by David Miller
12.00 Mini-recital of Sanz and Vivaldi transcriptions on 13 course lute, played by Dale Harris.
12.30 Break for lunch

2.00 Mini-recital of lute songs performed, self-accompanied, by David Protheroe2.30 AGM3.45 Tea

4.15 The Lute Society recital, David van Ooijen and Michiel Nissen play the virtuoso renaissance lute duets of Terzi

No need to book - just turn up, and bring friends if you wish.

Hope to see you there.

Two important notices:
1. We haven't finalised the contract yet, IF YOU ARE THINKING OF COMING, PLEASE EXPRESS PREFERENCE FOR ENSUITE/NON ENSUITE ROOMS ETC. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, THIS WEEK IF POSSIBLE - so that we can book the appropriate number of rooms.

2. No conference venue is perfect - the big problem in Oxford will be parking which is very expensive there. The university generally advises people to come by public transport - which in turn means that we will have to plan carefully which lutes to bring. If a few individuals with big cars are prepared to give lifts from their region to fellow participants and a carfull of lutes, then we may well pay overnight parking fees on your behalf. PLEASE SAY IF YOU ARE PREPARED FOR YOUR CAR TO BE A 'LUTE CARRIER'

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