Wealden Guitar Society Visit

It was a real smorgesbjord for the astute pluck and strummers out there!! The night's session began with the BGS practice of the Scarlatti Sonata under the gentle baton of Ray 'Don't Mess Me About' Butcher!!

While the turnout was quite good , we seeme to be missing some of the big hitters for Guitar 1 section of the Sonata which left poor Tom Page to carry the can for us all. (Which he did superbly). Unfortunately the speed issue was a problem with the result that I copped a musical 'speeding ticket' from the conductor for going too fast. I will have to spend more time between now and June in the slow lane with my metronome as punishment.

On the whole despite these few setbacks, the piece is coming on. However we will need the AWOL members of Guitar part 1 to be present next month (and more importantly) in July 18th when the Federation of Guitar Societies meets once more at Enfield. Ray has indicated that this time thre will be a small charge of £8 to cover costs for refreshments and other incidentals. Please note that more details about the Federation Meeting will be appear later on the blog site and in the BGS newsletter......as soon as I hear from Ray!! In the meantime keep watching this space!

The Wealden Guitar Society joined us later on inthe evening and presented a wonderful program of solos and ensembles. Special thanks to Ray Love and his team for providing such a great program for us all. There were some delightful pieces performed , much of which I captured on video (as you can see below)

Listen to this delightful version of Simone Molinaro's 'Passamezzo' performed by Eileen and Shalom Cohen.

Absolutely wonderful!!!

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