Saturday Meeting June 19th

We had a great turnout on Saturday. With the lead up to the Enfield visit plus the performance from Gary Ryan's students, Manus Noble and Jadran Duncomb we had many players, members and visitors on deck. We also welcomed a new visitor, Ash, who we hope will become a regular .

The only person 'missing in action' was our esteemed chairman who was no doubt enjoying the 'delights' of the continent (and driving poor Theresa to near distraction in the process!!)

We gave Signor Scarlatti's Sonata in D another workout and we are confident that we will give a stellar performance in July!! Timing is everything!!

Ensemble performers include

Tom Page (Guitar 1)
John Mann (Guitar 1)
Nick Bell (Guitar 1)
Andrew Ferrier (Guitar 2)
Jenny Wormald (Guitar 2)
Dave Hampton (Guitar 2)
Shirley Russell (Guitar 2)
Larisa Lieberman (Guitar 3)
Trevor Pike (Guitar 3)
Denis Stockton (Guitar 3 )
Stephen Pearson (Guitar 4)
Vince Chittenden (Guitar 4)
Christine Dabowa (Guitar 4)

An orchestra indeed!!

We have the chance for a final rehearsal on Saturday 17th of July at St Marks. For those members who require transport, Steve, Shirley and I will be organising a car pool to transfer members from Bromley to Enfield. We will be leaving from St Marks at 8:30am on Sunday 18th. More information will be available at the Meeting on the 17th! If you require transport please email me at or email Shirley at

For more information and the program about the Federation Guitar Societies Meeting click here.

Student Performance

To break up the evening we were entertained to an outstanding performance by young, talented performers Manus Noble and Jadran Duncomb. A visit to their web site will confirm the experiences and achievements already made by these students. Definitely worth watching!!

For those who missed the meeting you can catch up with a few excerpts care of BGS TV below.

Here is Jadran performing a Schubert Lieder

And it was great to welcome Manus Noble back to Bromley. Here he is performing Yocoh's Sakura

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