November 20th Meeting

I have just finished frantically searching through my sheet music, along with other odds and ends from my BGS Music Bag to find my notes from the last meeting. As it contains all the notes on the solos and performers it was just as well! However I have found them and hopefully my nearest and dearest will overlook the paper chaos left on the carpet (no such luck!!) while I complete the meeting report.

Bromley in November!! It was a very cold evening so we weren't really surprised to see an Eskimo appearing at the door with a large guitar (didn't have my camera quite ready...Damn!!) Lo and behold it was our BGS 'chair', Denis doing his impression of Earnest Shackleton.

We were all very pleased to welcome our favourite Enfield maestro, Ray Butcher back from his holidays in the Emerald Ilse. As a present for us all, he brought back more tricky and challenging ensemble performance pieces for us all!! We started the evening with a warm up with a piece called the Mermaid which lulled us all into a false sense of security. Then he sprung Ian Gammie's Los Palmeros on us all. Our new piece for next year's Federation Meeting!! With your correspondent on Guitar 1!! It is a delightful piece and I can only say how glad I am that we have about eight months to get it sorted!! (As soon as this report is done I will need to get back to the piece and practice!!!)

Obviously word had got around that Ray was attending as we had a very strong turnout that evening with a varied range of solo performances. These included

  • Trilogy -Entracte, Chorale, Pastourella- by (Peter Nuttall) performed by Marion Davies.

  • Siciliana (Messioner) and Bouree (Grafbergen) performed by Jenny Wormald.

  • My Dream of You composed and performed by Danny Kim.

  • Duet (Carulli and Handel) performed by Larissa Lieberman and Trevor Pike.

  • Moon River performed by Trevor Pike.

  • Why (Per Olov Kindgren) and Sonata (Domenico Cimmarosa) performed by Steve Pearson

  • Passacaglia from the Levantine Suite (Bogdanovich) performed by Andrew Ferrier

  • Le quartier Latin (from Le Tango parisienne) by Lee Sollory and Fantaisie by Sylvius Leopold Weiss performed by John Mann

  • Asturias (Ibeniz) performed by Tom Page

  • Castles of Spain :Manzanares el Real, Siguenza, Torija, and Turegano (Torroba) performed by Rob Sellery

Click here to listen to them (Thanks to Vince Chittenden for the link)

We were all very glad to see Shirley Russell back with us after her spell in hospital. Not even Ray's fiendish ensemble pieces could discourage her!! Which indicates that she is well and truly on the mend!!

Special thanks to Ray Butcher for the work an preparation on the ensemble part of the evening. And to Denis for his role as MC for the night. And to Trevor Pike for his work on the refreshment front!

See you all in December for Christmas

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