Performer Spotlight: Trio Rhapsody

Yesterday I was sent an email from Lavininia Alberti about an exciting classical guitar ensemble called the Trio Rhapsody.
The Trio Rhapsody is formed by Francesco Cipriani, Luca Marrucci and Alessandro Minci, young guitarists with and academical background who want to propose one particular repertoire, cultured and popular at the same time, mixing Brasilian, Argentinian and Afro-American rhythms.
Among their pieces there are: Bellinati’s “Baiao de Gude”, Pujol’s “Tagondo’”, “Golliwog’s Cakewalk”, taken from Debussy’s “Children’s corner”, and an enchanting new interpretation of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. They also pay tribute to young contemporary artists, such as Roberto Fiore, who dedicated to the Trio Rhapsody his piece “H”, and Bernardo Sisto Misticoni with his “Autunno mosso”.
Trio Rhapsody succeed in proposing interesting music and touching an heterogeneous public at the same time, using all the possibilities of the classical guitar. Despite the young age of the players, Trio Rhapsody already obtained several approvals in important festivals and concert seasons in all Italy, among which the 15° International festival of Syracuse, the Campobasso International Guitar Festival, Torrino’s International Season “Six Ways”, Cassino’s International Guitar Festival, Roma e La Chitarra’s Art in Sound, Adriatic’s International festival. Listen to their video below

Simply Brilliant!!

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