BGS Saturday meeting

Here we are back again ready for another vigorous pluck and strum workshop with more ensemble and solo performances….but there are some subtle changes.

The first change was a rather sneaky one……we used this meeting to host our Annual General Meeting (held over from August). In many ways it was a good thing to do as we had more input from members (nothing like having a captive audience!!!) and as a result it was much easier to canvass new ideas and at least get some reassurance in any decision making.

Denis presented his chairman’s report that outlined some of the successes and challenges we had in the 2010-2011 season. Among the highlights were the successful Federation Guitar Societies AGM by Bromley Guitar Society and the March visit from the Widmore Guitar group. Denis also paid tribute to the hard work of the executive members in his report.

Steve Pearson submitted a Treasurers report that indicated we are still travelling well financially despite the withdrawal of funding support from Bromley Arts Council due to financial cutbacks.
This is the start of a number of changes that will affect the society long term. And it’s not confined to financial viability either.

The main issue that needs to be considered is rejuvenation of support from all the members. For instance the BGS have been dependent on Ray Butcher’s outstanding leadership of the ensembles over the last couple of years. While we have been lucky to have Ray taking up the helm we cannot expect him to maintain such a high level of support. Ray (who travels from Enfield to Bromley every third Saturday in the month…a not inconsiderable feat!) has already indicated that he will not be available as often. In fact he will not be able to attend the next three meetings. Management of the ensemble side of the evening is now up to us as members!! Our first ‘Big Society’ challenge!

The executive was re-elected UN opposed which as secretary, I should be flattered. However the fact that all positions were filled by members who have been doing the same task for the last three to four years is not a healthy sign of a ‘ re juvenated’ society. Apart from the creation of a ‘Members Secretary’ post (ably filled by Shirley Russell) , the same faces are still there. While we are happy to perform the executive management tasks required by the committee, let me remind you all (as someone who has experienced the ‘joys’ of recent redundancy in the workplace) that circumstances can change dramatically and swiftly. A change in health, financial, family or employment circumstances could affect the BGS. That’s why it is important for all members to be involved in what happens to the BGS long term!

Gosh that was serious wasn’t it… Let’s leave this and get onto something more pleasant.

Carlos Bonell

Tickets are still available for the Carlos Bonell Concert. You can order tickets by downloading and completing the flyer on the blog site. If the newsletter has been delivered by post, the flyer has been enclosed

And last but by no means least here are the listing of performances

In the absence of Ray, our stirling conductor appeared in the form of Denis Stockton (David Rattle’s secret twin brother) who lead us through a range of pieces provided by himself and Dave Hampton who has been busy trawling the web for ensemble resources. This was followed by some great solos provided below


• Aria by Guiseppe Brescianello performed by Jenny Wormald. (A characteristic of Jenny’s performances is that she always chooses composers with names that are longer that the pieces she plays!!)
• ‘My Love is like a Red Red Rose’ and ‘Down by Sally Garden’ performed by Trevor Pike with a distinct Irish twinkle in his eye
• ‘A ray of light shines from my past’ original composition performed by Danny Kim in contemplative mode
• Melancolia and Cancion De Luna by Per Orlov Kindgren performed by Steve Pearson in Scandinavian mode
• Villa Lobos Prelude Number 5 and Bach performed by Miles Roberts successfully moving between Latin America and Germany in style and performance
• Carulli Nocturne Number 1 performed by Larisa Lieberman and Vince Chittenden

Click here to listen to them

Special thanks again to Trevor Pike for his work in the refreshment department! And a special thanks to Vince Chittenden for taking charge of the sound recordings

See you at the Carlos Bonell Concert on the 15th

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