19th May Meeting

OK, I can hear you saying now

"What happened to the April meeting?"

The simple answer is that a couple of enterprising thieves broke into my flat and amongst the swag they purloined, was my computer!! With all the BGS newsletter items amongst other stuff. Fortunately I have managed to borrow a tablet from work so now I am back in business- until the insurance comes through and I can then purchase another laptop!!

So my apologies for April

However I still have a list of the solo pieces  played from April so I will add them below. (I am unsure if Vince recorded them but I will check this week).

April Meeting
  • Ballad 1,2 and 4  (Nikita Kushkin ) performed by Rob Sellery
  • Pavane (Faure) and The Entertainer (Scott Joplin) performed by Laria Libermann and Vince Chittenden
  • Lob der Traäen (Schubert) performed by Christtine Dabrowa
  • Cancion Del Emperador (Naravaez) performed by Tessa Protherde
  • Goodbye Jade performed by Danny Kim

May Meeting
Solo pieces included
  • Prelude and Dance  from the Levantine Suite (Bogdanovich) performed by your correspondent
  • Milonga De La Luna (Kindgren) and Barear Olles (Op 60) No  (Kleynyans) performed by Steve Pearson
  • Prelude BWV 998 (Bach) performed by Tessa Protherde
  • Bluegrass Breakdown (Cottam) performed by Marion Davies
  • Romance (Bartolli) performed by Vince Chittenden
  • El Negrito (Lauro) and Scottish Choro (Villa Lobos) performed by Matt Burgass.

I believe that Vince's sound pixies were on the job last night and as soon as they have their act together I will link them to the page.

The clock is ticking for preparation for the Federation Guitar Societies AGM  and under John Mann's able stewardship, we think we have the Joporo tamed! Unfortunately Rob Sellery couldn't be with us to check  on the Trio and Minuet but Ray Butcher took over the reigns and steered us through extremely well. Hopefully Rob will also be impressed with us at the next meeting.

Ray also took us through some lovely South American ensemble pieces....well they were lovely until we got our hands on them- a couple of tricky high notes to deal with. We also had a go at the Nuttal piece 'Alta Vista', which should  sound really good once we get the' thunderstorms and lightning' worked out...and if you don't know what that means then you better come to the next meeting.

Great night from everyone. Special thanks to Den for chairing the meeting and to John and

Ray. And a special thanks to Trevor for the refreshments.

See you in June!!

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