December Meeting

Now I know our society and their members are pretty distinguished but I have to be honest and say that " No Denis, there isn't a new member called Santa Claus!!"

The BGS society's Christmas celebrations were rather muted but it is safe to say that we have got quite a bit to reflect upon this year and celebrate.  We had a great turnout for this year's Federation Guitar Society Meetings plus two credible performances (individual and ensembles) at the Beckenham and Maidstone Music Festivals. We have a lot or people to thank for steering us safely through the tricky paths of the ensemble performance. John Mann , Rob Sellery and Ray Butcher have worked very hard in helping the members develop a credible performance program.

One of the great features of the ensemble playing is how much we learn from each other and, in my case I can say that my sight reading ability and interpretation has improved and continues to keep improving with the regular monthly musical  work outs. (Some unkind people may say otherwise but we won't pay any attention...)

Our final meeting may not have been resplendent with reverence it certainly had plenty of laughs which is what Christmas should be all about. We  worked on a few new ensemble melodies such as El Bolonchon by Cornelius Bruinsma  ( Modesty forbids me to mention our Chair's reworking of the title) plus an easy performance of that old chestnut 'Spanish Harlem'.

Solos on feature included

  • Villanico De Navidad (Barrios Mangore) performed by Trevor Pike
  • Women Women (Carvalho) performed by Freddie Carvalho
  • Three Traditional Carols performed by Tom Rimmer
  • Gigua (Roncalli) and Chant (Andrew York) performed by Vince Chittenden
  • Calmo (Einaudi) performed by your correspondent.
  • Study in B Minor (Sor) and Sentimentos (Per-Orlov-Kindgren) performed by Steve Pearson. 

Individual members have all made a great contribution to the society this year. One of the things that is noticeable is the great turnouts we have every month. And the most remarkable is the distance that many of our members travel to join our Saturday pluck, twang and strum gig.

 There is a bit of magic at play here but it is easy to explain. It all comes from the hard work from the  dedicated 'few' .  Trevor Pike has been a great and generous contributor both in music performance and in servicing the catering for all the members. Shirley Russell has managed the members bookings and has been the center of communications in the organisation and participation in music events for all members.  Steve Pearson has monitored and worked with Shirley in ensuring that the membership funds are used for the benefit of all members. Our well known chief article of furniture, (known as the 'Chair') Denis Stockton has managed the general coordination of the BGS with his usual self deprecating humor and skill.  I'd like to take the opportunity to thank them for their contribution to making the society such a success!!

But the success of the Bromley Guitar Society stems from the enthusiastic support of all its members and I think this year  it has been outstanding. On that note I would like to wish all the BGS Members, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May your mince puds be big ones!!

And if we survive the  Mayan  predictions for the end of the world (Due Friday 21st December- just when I am flying back to Australia!!- well it was Ava Gardner who said that Melbourne is a great place to make a film about the end of the world.) , I will  look forward to joining you all in a new years post apocalyptic bash on January 19th 2013 with further blog witterings!

In the meantime , enjoy this stocking filler

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