February Meetiing and no snow!!

Meeting Back on Track!!

What a great relief it was to be back at St Marks this month!
Our lead conductor, John Mann came up with the best solution to get the blood flowing from our faces  to  our fingers… four meetings left until the FGS meeting! With that he threw down the musical gauntlet of Grieg’s Holberg Suite  (Gavotte and Sarabande) which will keep us all in check…even our illustrious chairperson!! After many attempts, John’s patience paid off (somewhat) and we managed to recognise the familiar strains of the piece coming from our performance.
The solo performances were of usual high standard. As Den noted, it was terrific to see most performers playing their pieces without the need to refer to music sheets. Solos that evening included

Marion Davis        Lord Zouch’s Masque(Anon).
John Mann        Prelude in D    (Bach)
Pete Lumb         Estrella    (Lumb)
Vince & Larisa        Acordai Doncella                 (Trad.Brazilian)
Vince Chittenden      Andante in B Minor (Sor)
Freddie Carvalho     Minuet in A (Sor)
Scherzo Estudio in A    (Tarrega)
Rob Sellery        Sanctuary (Sellery)
            Refuge     (Sellery)
Tessa Protheroe     Romance(Paganini)
        Cancion Del Emperador (Narvaez)

It was a great evening thanks to the efforts of our chairman , John and the indefatigable Trevor Pike who kept us all refreshed with coffees and cakes!!

Ave et Vale
(A word from our head latin praetor and candidate for the Papal See, Denisius Stocktonus!)

We extend a warm welcome to Pete Lumb, a retired guitar teacher from the Isle of Man, who joined our ranks at the February meeting and was sufficiently impressed to not only become a member, but also to play one of his own compositions by way of his debut.

We are very sorry to learn from Jenny Wormald that, due to family commitments, she can no longer be a full time member of BGS. We all know that Jenny’s love of the classical guitar extends well beyond our own Society, but we owe her a huge debt of gratitude for over twenty years of unstinting support and loyalty to us. Jenny has played at most of our meetings, has been a good ambassador for both the instrument and its repertoire and supported FGS Days and local music festivals for many years. We will miss her pleasant company and Jenny will always be warmly welcomed whenever she is able to attend.

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