BGS April Meeting

Its a busy old month for Bromley Guitar Society members. A concert next May with Gary Ryan and Craig Ogden  closely followed in June with  a musical bash with the Federation of Guitar Societies at Twickenham, Middlesex!! Keep the 23rd free in your diary!! Actually this date coincides with the birthday of Mrs Honorary Secretary, which has caused a slight easterly breeze on the domestic front. I have  tried to point out the honor that the FGS are giving her by holding their meeting on her birthday but for some reason she isn't impressed.....can't understand why..)
We would also like to welcome our new  visitors (and hopefully new members) Andrew Rawlings and Catherine Andersen.
One of the highlights of the FGS day is for each Guitar Society to perform a series of ensemble pieces and the Bromley Guitar Society will play their part. We have been busy rehearsing our tribute to the fjords and the trolls of Norway with a rendition of the Sarabande and Gavotte from Grieg's  Holberg Suite.  Despite a few rocky starts, the ensemble practice worked well. We think it must have been OK because our ensemble leader John Mann was looking more pleased and less pained than before!! Nevertheless, we need to keep up our practice.  Members will find a copy of the Midi files for the Gavotte and Sarabande enclosed on this site which should help with practice.
Solo performances were also on track with some great contributions from members. Listed below was the solo program
Dave Hampton  performed Ciacona (Weiss)
Tom Rimmer   performed  Pavana Muy Llana Para Taner (Pisador)
Alex Green  performed Prelude in D (Bach)
Marion Davis performed What If A Day (Anon) and Tarleton’s Resurrection(Dowland)
Freddy Carvalho  performed The Girl From Ipanema (Jobim)and Popular Andaluz (Azpiazu)
Trevor Pike  performed  Allegro   (Scarlatti)
Vince & Larisa  performed  Duo No: 9 (Albert)
Vince Chittenden performed Aria (Logy)
Andrew Ferrier performed  Indaco (Einaudi)
Tessa Protheroe performed Maria (Tarrega)
Special thanks to John for leading the ensembles and a special mention to Trevor and Larissa for provision of the refreshments.
Naturally next month will be the concert so the next time we will see you will be in June 15th for a final rehearsal !!
Keep up plucking and strumming folks!!


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