Concert Wrap plus Federation Guitar Society Day

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Well the cricket season is starting and once more we are getting ready to witness a battle between the English and the Australian teams- the competition between the two talented teams  will be fierce as usual. (And as a proud Aussie living here in the UK for the last 10 years, you can guess whom I will be supporting!!)

However there are some occasions where the combination of  English and Australian talent can work for the benefit of us all. As I am sure that  everyone who attended the Gary Ryan /Craig Ogden concert last month will readily agree. The program was thoughtfully designed and presented with a great blend of the traditional along with some  exciting and  innovative pieces which are a hallmark of their concert performances.

After a brief introduction from our chair Den Stockton, the pair launched into a vigorous  performance of  Vivaldi's Guitar Concerto in D Major. Gary then took up the running with a series of pieces ranging from Bach's Violin Partita No.1 in B Minor (BWV 1002)  to some modern pieces , including his own compositions (Lough Caragh) and the energetic Benga Beat

The pair re united again for a tribute to Manuel De Falla with a performance of  Danza del Corregidor and Danza del Molinero (1876 – 1946) .

After interval, we were treated to a renaissance of English pieces by Dowland (My Lord Willoughby’s Welcome Home) and that well known composer 'Anon' (Drury's Accords). Then it was Craigs' turn to  add a bit of Aussie flair with a set of Scarlatti Sonatas  followed by a Roaln Dyens arrangement of   Nuages Django Reinhart and a piece by  Miroslav Tadic (Walk Dance).

The pair finally re united with a performance of pieces by Celso Machado including the Sambalanco, Bolinhas de Queijo and  the wonderfully funny Xaranga do Vovo (My Grandfather's car). We think that was a tribute to our chairman's driving skills!!

For those of you who missed the concert here is a flavour

The Church at St Marks was full to capacity which brought a smile to the face of our Treasurer. Special thanks should go to Larisa Lieberman and Trevor Pike and Den's 'much better half'- the wonderful and long suffering, Theresa for their hard work in organising and managing the catering for such a large audience!

Special thanks also needs to go the organising team who worked extremely hard in getting the concert to the church on time! This includes Steve Pearson, Shirley Russell, Den Stockton, Larisa Lieberman, Trevor Pike and other members of the executive.

Saturday Night Practice-Federation AGM (Sunday 23rd June)

Now the hard work begins.. We have ONE week not only to get the Holberg Suite under our belts (and thereby keeping Mr Grieg, the trolls and fjords of Norway happy) but we have a particularly interesting tribute to the Canadian Fisherman with Gerald Garcia's fiendishly complex Blue Nose Ballad.

I have been looking through my part  (Guitar 2) and I must admit to a sense of 'sea sickness' at the complexity of the arrangement..

Click here to listen to the arrangement by the Tartalus Quartet

Next Sunday should be interesting...!!

In the meantime I look forward to seeing you all at St Marks this Saturday! If we can't get the Blue Nose sorted, at least we can panic together!!!

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