July Meeting -Bromley Guitar Society

Thanks for all those courageous Bromley Pluckers and Strummers who turned out in force to attend a rather balmy evening at St Marks. It was good to see the enthusiasm of all concerned despite the absence of our chair who is on hols in in 'Chiantishire' ,  Italy. We understand he is being carefully supervised and kept on his best behaviour by Mrs Chair!

It was our first meeting after the FGS day and we thought the ensemble activities should take a bit of a break from the fjords and explore new territories. Our chief guide from darkest Enfield, Mr Ray Butcher provided a couple of new pieces Rondalla Estudiantil (Pasadoble) by Jimenez Ocana and Ricercare (or 'Richie Carey' if you are an ignorant Australian) with the compliments of our old renaissance mate, Andreas Gabrielli.

Both pieces provided some challenge for your correspondent. This may have been due to the fact that he hadn't practised the pieces beforehand!! The Rondalla has some particularly tricky accidental sharps and flats which are a bit nasty. The Ricercare also has a number of hidden traps in rhythmic patterns which also require attention.

After our initial road crash ensemble start, it was with some relief that we took a well earned break with a coffee and some solo performances from members. These included
  • 'Nostalgia' (Cees Hartog) performed by Marion Davies
  • 'Latino Numero Uno' (Colin Baker) performed by the composer .
  • 'Midnight in Moscow' and 'Two Guitars' performed by Trevor Pike (not at the same time I should add)
  • Three short pieces (Gasper Sanz) performed by that well known 'gentilhombre' Tom Rimmer
  • Larghetto Sostenutto (Carulli) performed by Vince Chittenden and Larisa Liebermann
  • Prelude from the English Suite (John Duarte) performed by John Mann.
Special thanks to Ray Butcher for leading the ensemble session. And a special thanks to Trevor and Larisa for providing tea, coffee and refreshments. Ray has indicated that he will organise some midi sound files of the music to assist in practice before the next meeting in August.

Please note that the AGM will be held at our September meeting. I will be providing copies of the minutes from last year's AGM along with some nomination forms for positions on the Executive. All positions will be open.

In the meantime I will light a candle for the Australian Cricket team.....

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