September Meeting 2013

Incorporating ensembles, solos and a hastily put together AGM!!

And that just about describes it in a nutshell! Just to add a bit of variety and spice to the general cut and thrust of the monthly meetings we also threw in the Bromley Guitar Society Annual General Meeting.

There are a number of gigs and workshops happening between now and the end of the year, so we spent a bit of time re visiting our dear old friend and chief musical herring, Mr Grieg and the Holberg Suite (Sarabande and Gavotte) which we narrowly avoided murdering at the Federation Guitar Societies AGM.  Our music leader, John Mann kept us on track with both pieces- helping us concentrate more on the dynamics and performance.  The result was really good- sometimes we can surprise ourselves

After a well-earned break there were some great solos performed including
• Lazy Pat’s Rag- written and performed by Andrew Ferrier
• Romance D’Amor (Anon) performed by Vince Chittenden
• Julio Florida (Barrios)  performed by John Mann

I am pleased to tell you that our illustrious ‘Chair and Chief Pluck ‘n Strum (sounds like an American Indian chief) was overwhelming returned to his position ,despite his voluble protestations,  wailing, lamentations  and finally curses directed  to all who voted him back!

And the same applied to the rest of the previous executive who were re confirmed in their positions- which was a great vote of confidence from the membership.

The AGM confirmed the new meeting arrangements for the Saturday meetings which consist of the following

6:00-7:15  Ensemble ‘Aerobics’
Group- ensemble pieces led by interested society members.
This is an informal part of the evening where members can share any favourite (or easy) ensemble arrangements with the group. Apart from being a good warm up activity, it will also add a bit more fun for the evening
7:30-8:00 Solo performances from members
8:00-10:00 -Ensemble practice for performance

The meeting generally went well despite a few ‘Senior Moments’ from the Chair and the Hon Sec on finances- A full set of minutes will follow later)

Diary Events
 Beckenham Festival    10th November at 4pm
 Attending: Ray, Shirley, Larisa, Andrew, Alex, Freddy, John, Lesley, Trevor, Denis
Maidstone festival 24th November
Attending: Ray, Vince, Andrew, Alan, Alex, John, Larisa, Trevor, Shirley, Tessa, Lesley and Denis

Gary Ryan Workshop (Maidstone 24th November))
The workshop will cover
Tone production
Performance nerves
How to practise!
Harmonics, percussive effects and weird stuff
Attendance for the Workshop is £5.00

See you on Saturday 19th October!!

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