May Meeting 2014

Another night of practice and fun at the Bromley Guitar Society...actually, according to Jeff Goodman (Facebook) it represents a rather polite and scholarly discussion between the supporters of Carulli and Molino in the 19th century!

Who would have thought there would be so much aggression over a harmless minuet??

For those of you reading this newsletter for the first time  I can assure you that BGS Meetings are much more genteel and civilised than suggested in the etching…although things tend to get a bit rough if the refreshments are not available!!

Still as we work our way towards the Federation Day in June, the pressure will be on. All members attending the day are working really hard on Nota Bene. Just to make things really more interesting Ray has presented us with a copy of the ensemble music for the day

Monky Business by P Nuttall- a humorous piece based on monks preparing for a meal.

This month’s solos included
Marion Davis:   Andante   (Giuliani)
Freddy Carvalho: Don’t Get Around Much Anymore Duke Ellington
Andrew Ferrier :Butcher of Winnleah from the Van Diemen’s Suite by  Gareth Koch
John Mann: English Suite (John Duarte)

Special thanks again to Trevor and Larisa for the refreshments. And special thanks to John and Ray for leading the ensembles

We were really impressed by the numbers who came to the meeting despite the FA cup final and a large number of apologies.

Even though Arsenal won!!

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