Beckenham Festival 2014

Congratulations to Paul Brown and the members of the Widmore Ensemble for a great performance tonight at the Beckenham Festival,  winning the ensemble section.

 Special thanks on behalf of the BGS members to John Mann for leading us through Note Bene!! We gave the Widmore group a good run for their money (missing out by one point).

A word of advice for the Festival Organisers...opening the car park in the front of the school for competitors would be deeply appreciated , especially when its dark and you are trudging through a rain storm.  While we are grateful for a 'competitor's car park around the back, forcing us all to walk all the way around to the front of the building to the venue entrance in the pouring rain is not good for the player or the instruments.

 And  organizing some extra practice rooms would also be great as well.

Onwards to the Maidstone Festival!!

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