March 2015 Meeting

Apologies for absence from Tessa Protheroe, Alex Green and Steve Pearson.
A very welcome back to Richard Frenckl, after a long absence due to a very serious and debilitating illness.
  The music played after the coffee break was:-
Eduardo Gonzalez           Serenata Austral             Own Comp.
                                        Milonga                            Own Comp.
Freddy Carvalho              Study in A                       Carcassi
                                         Study in A                                  Tarrega

Marion Davis                   Study in A Minor                         Aguado
John Mann                       Clyde Suite                                 Moore             
Larisa Lieberman
Vince Chittenden             Suite in D minor                         de Visee

Shirley Russell
Marion Davis
David Wheeler
Colin Baker                    Scarborough Fair                         Trad.
Thanks to John Mann for two excellent ensemble sessions.
Thanks to Trevor Pike for the delicious home-made biscuits accompanying our coffee.
Thank you, David, for opening the church room in good time and to you, Shirley, for undertaking that task at the April meeting.

See you then

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