April Meeting 2015

Not really much difference from the March Meeting, so I will just recount the solo performance where were

Eduardo Gonzalez                      
Pasillo No.1
Neveri (Venezuelan Waltz)
All Own Comps.

Freddy Carvalho                         
Cubana                                      Jose de Azpiazu 
Marion Davis                            
Sonatina                                    Carulli
Trevor Pike                                
Gavotte                                     Villa-Lobos

Colin Baker

A special mention needs to be made of the performance of De Visee’s Suite in D minor by Vince and Larisa which received an excellent report at the Bromley Music Festival. Well done to you both!

BGS Extra ensemble sessions
At the meeting a proposal to hire the church room for an extra meeting each month, in order to play more ensembles was discussed.

This idea has come from John Mann and has met with the approval of many of the members. John’s suggests that we go for the first Saturday of each month.  Den has checked and confirmed that those Saturdays are currently free for the rest of this year, starting on June 6th

We will keep you informed about the development of this proposal- we anticipate having something in place before the next May Meeting

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