August 1st Meeting of the BGS Plucker brigade!!

It was a lively turnout for the August Pluck and Strumfest!!

Despite the heat and humidity, we can report  a good turnout from the usual gang! It was great to see Tessa back, all primed with a Bach prelude. Not to mention Trevor, Steve , Larisa, Alexander, John, David and Marion. A small but plucky (I am really giving the 'pluck' metaphor a good run for its money!!) band of troubadours ready and willing to have a go at what ever our ensemble leader, John Mann, had to throw at us. And he did have some challenging pieces.  A particularly fiendish piece called Elite Syncopations by Scott Joplin as well as a lovely arrangement called 'Ballad' by Mark Houghton. Shirley has sent out a copy of the music to all members including a piece called Tango which I assume we will look at a little later. If you haven't received a copy please either let her or myself know.

Solo performances were of the usual high standard with a piece from David Burden's Celtic Suite played by Marion Davis , and 'dueling' Bach preludes- Prelude 996 performed by John Mann and Prelude 998 performed by Tessa Protheroe.

We also spend a lot of time discussing the future direction of the Bromley Guitar Society based on a brainstorm list generated at the last executive meeting. You can find the list here along with a questionnaire indicating what you see are the most important or less important items that should be considered.  Seriously folks this is an important step that we need to take in order to ensure the future sustainability of the Society The list and the survey results will be discussed  in more detail at the 2015 AGM meeting.

Please note that the next meeting will take place on August 15th. Members are asked to bring along their ensemble books for practice. John Mann is not available to take the ensembles that evening so we will have to muddle along. If any member would like to have a go at leading the group, please don't be shy. Here's a suggestion- have a look at the pieces in Ray's book- select one and then it will be your task to lead the group through that piece.

Trevor will be opening the hall that evening as your correspondent will not be attending due to a family commitment- the noisy but welcome arrival of his grandsons during that weekend. I could bring them to the meeting to lead the ensemble but they would ensure that chaos would follow in their  wake (and we don't have much music from the 'Wiggles')

Have a great meeting on the 15th and I look forward to seeing you in September

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