BGS September 5th 2015 Meeting

A 'select' group of nine attended this meeting. John Mann had us warm up with some scales and good advice, including a hand-out that served as an aide-memoire to finding notes at various positions on the fretboard.

We followed this with some diligent practice of  "Ballad" by Mark Houghton.

Half-time refreshments followed. Thanks, as always, to Trevor for the teas, coffees and delicious cup cakes that shut us all up for a few minutes.

The solo section consisted of a lovely Japanese botanical medley by Marion, followed by an ad hoc duet from John and Vince who simultaneously played "Romance". This was followed by Larisa, who broke her duck with a wonderful rendition of "Birds Flew Over The Spire".

Marion The Japanese Garden (arr. David Burden):
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Jasmine
  • Water Lilies
John and Vince 'Duet' of Romance by Anon
Larisa Birds flew over the Spire (Gary Ryan)

The solo section was followed by a session of practising Moto Perpetuo. This tune is so catchy that it often becomes an 'ear-worm' if it's the last thing played. So, to avoid our leaving tonight's meeting with it still stuck in our heads, we finished off the evening with a final refresher of "Ballad".

Please note that there is a new page, Current Ensemble Repertoire, accessible at the top of the blog, just under the logo. Visit that page to see the pieces we are currently working on.

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