BGS Meeting 17 June 2017

Twelve members attended this meeting which was our last chance to practise our two pieces for the Federation Day on June 25. John worked us hard on Tangomania by John R Knox, and Waltz for Debbie by Bill Evans.    We repeated entrances and endings until John was more satisfied that we were listening to each other and playing together, and of course we played lots of the middles as well!
After tea or coffee and goodies provided by Trevor [thanks again Trevor], we sat back and listened to solos from

Marion Gnossienne ? (Eric Satie)
 Even Sadder Waltz (Cornelius Bruinsma)
Andrew Wonderful Tonight (Clapton)
Toby Gigue from BWV 997 (J S Bach)

At our previous meeting we had played through Moin Moin by N Koshkin, which proved to be quite a challenge. Tonight we played through Serenade Opus 44 by Antonin Dvorak [arranged by Andrew Forrest]. Both these pieces will be played by an orchestra of over fifty guitarists when Bromley meet with other societies at Federation Day next weekend. The pieces will be rehearsed during the morning and ‘performed’ at the end of the day. During the afternoon each society will perform their own chosen pieces.

Please visit the Current Ensemble Repertoire page to see the pieces we are currently working on.

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