BGS Meeting 15th July 2017

In John’s absence, Vince nobly took the “baton”. Unpractised at conducting, Vince nevertheless maintained a steady beat and kept the seven of us together. The pieces
played were Preludio – Lagrima by Francisco Tarrega and a Bouree by Michael Praetorius.

After refreshments provided by Larisa, we listened to solos from –:

Tom Bouree from Cello Suite No.3 BWV 1009 (J S Bach)
David Courant, Saraband and Gavotte from Suite in D minor (Robert de Visee)
Marion Divertimento (Bartolomé Calatuyud)
 Cajita de Musica (Bartolomé Calatuyud)
 Melodia (Bartolomé Calatuyud)

The evening ended with another run through of an arrangement by Alan Hirsh of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by W A Mozart, which we had played for the first time at our previous meeting.

Please visit the Current Ensemble Repertoire page to see the pieces we are currently working on.

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