BGS Meeting 3rd February 2018

Our meeting on 3rd February started with sight reading practice. John led us in quartet arrangements of La Antica and Emilio both by Pieter van der Staak, and Air on a G String by J S Bach.
Then, down to hard work improving our ensemble playing of the Connemara Suite
which we will play at the Bromley Festival on 4th March. Only two more rehearsals
before then! After practising each of the five pieces, we played straight through to get
used to quick changes of tempo and key signatures. It also enabled John to know we
will not over-run our allotted time.

After a later-than-normal tea break (thanks as always to Trevor for his welcome refreshments), we enjoyed a huge variety of solo, duet and sung performances:

Trevor (vocals) and Toby (guitar) Fine Knacks for Ladies (John Dowland)
Toby and Shaun Farewell to Stromness  (Peter Maxwell Davies)
Shaun Almain (Robert Johnson)
Freddie Study no.3 (Carcassi)
 Study in A Maj (Carcassi)
Tom Entrée (Giuseppe Antonio Brescianello)
Rob Memories of Summer (Gary Ryan)
 El Roble (Juan Hildago Montoya)
John Prelude from "Suite in the Ancient Style" (Guido Santorsola)

Upcoming guitar recital

Gary Ryan will be giving a guitar recital at All Saints Church in Orpington at 3:00pm on Sunday the 25th of February.
More details here

Please visit the Current Ensemble Repertoire page to see the pieces we are currently working on.

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