BGS Masterclass Program

As promised in the last newsletter, we now have a program ready for the Gary Ryan Masterclass scheduled for Saturday 17th January. 

We were pleased to have had so many applications for places from BGS members but as there was a limit of  up to six places we had to make some choices which will please many but may cause disappointment to others. After consultation with our honorary President and Treasurer, the following delegates have been included. They are

Tom Rimmer (Sarabande by Poulenc)
Jenny Wormald (Marcia and Trio by Johann Kasper Mertz)
Tom Page (Rondo Rodeo by Gary Ryan)
Mike Gerrard (Fantasia by Mudarra)
William Punter (Koyonbaba 1  by Domeniconi)
Miles Roberts (El Arpedel Guerrero by Brouwer)

Congratulations to those selected and commiserations to those who missed out. 
The Masterclass will commence next Saturday at St Marks Church in Bromley. The starting time is 6:30pm. The Masterclass will conclude with a virtuoso performance by Gary Ryan
Performing delegates are reminded to bring along copies of their music.  A time of twenty minutes will be given for each delegate by Gary who will analyse their pieces and male suggestions on performance technique.
Contrary to what was added on the last message, the BGS will make a charge of £1 entry fee to delegates and audience attending the Masterclass. Non BGS members will be charged £3 per entry.   

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