BGS New Treasurer

After a long stint in managing the financial affairs of the Bromley Guitar Society, Janet Smyth has relinquished the reins or responsibility to Stephen Pearson.

Taking on the role of Treasure in any society or club is an onerous responsibility and we were very lucky to have Janet volunteering to perform this task over the last couple of years.

Denis and I would like to acknowledge the hard work that Janet has provided in her role as Honorary Treasurer for the BGS and thank her most sincerely. Along with her husband Dave Smyth, Janet has been an important and valued member of the society coordinating a range of tasks such as concert management and bookings as well as managing the BGS budget and the Bromley Guitar Society Web Page. We wish them all the very best for now and the future. And we anticipate that they will still remain keen supporters of the BGS.

We are pleased to welcome Stephen Pearson as our new Treasurer. Stephen will keep an eagle eye on the BGS finances. Stephen can also be contacted on

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